How do you connect to my Azure and which permissions do you use?

Overcast will consume billing data and metrics coming from your Azure subscriptions using a permissions delegation model. Find more info in our article Authorizations for Overcast

Is there a way to use Overcast without using my Azure Administrators credentials?

Yes! Simply create a dedicated user account to access Overcast with a restricted set of permissions. Find out how

What are your security standards?

At Overcast, we want to be fully transparent with how we handle your data in order to give you full confidence in using our product. There's no short answer to this, please visit Security in Overcast for more details.

Why are my costs and savings at $0 in Overcast?

You might not have the required reading rights on your Azure portal. We encourage you to refer your Azure administrator to the following page Authorizations in Overcast Otherwise, you might be using a personal account, try with a corporate account.

What Azure resources are covered by your savings recommendations?

Our recommendations are based on 11 different rules, which cover 95% of all optimization scenarios. They are all documented in our help center

Do you cover Azure reserved instances?

Yes! Great savings can be applied using Reserved Instances. Find more info on how we deliver value with this specific recommendation in this article

What is your roadmap?

We're glad you're asking! We are currently working on improving our reporting and collaboration modules, while improving our optimization algorithms. Want to propose features? Please contact us using our on-site chat :)

Is Overcast available for CSP?

Yes, Overcast is available for Cloud Service Providers that have a purchased a license. Find more info on our help center.

Do you offer services for AWS?

Not for now. Overcast is only offered for Microsoft Azure.

What differentiates Overcast with other solutions on the market?

3 things: Simplicity, performances and our licence cost.

How can I find my Azure tenant ID?

If your Azure AD is associated to a domain, you can go to and enter your domain name. Your tenant ID will be provided.

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